Monday, August 1, 2011

A Note From Warlite

This is a blog chronicling my progression as a miniature painter. I've been painting Warhammer 40k minis for some time, but never tried excelling at it until recently when I purchased a stash of miniatures for a Pathfinder campaign.

This blog is mostly for my own perspective on my progression as a miniature painter, but could also serve as a forum for advice and tips (both given and received). If there is a technique I use that you don't understand, ask, and I'll describe how I did it. If there is a technique you think my model's lacking, comment and give a description of how that technique can be done. There's nothing in art that helps one more fully develop their skill than discussion with other artists.

Hope you enjoy checking out some of my recent projects. Don't forget to drop a comment whenever you have a question about how I achieved a certain look for a mini, or if you know of a different way of doing it. Thanks