Sunday, August 21, 2011


I've been painting a mini for a friend in my Pathfinder campaign again and thought I'd share the finished results. The character's name is Batubo, a wizard/fighter who came from a plain of air, hence the light color choice.

After receiving him, I clipped some of the mini’s rough edges and filed his edges a bit, then began to paint him. Seeing how most of his body was covered in armor that I was going to paint silver anyways, I skipped spraying him with a base color—not sure I made the right decision doing that though, since I had to give him two coats of paint each time I changed colors.

Here’s Batubo after the first round of base painting.

And here he is after coating him a second time.

After I finished giving him flat color, I did some washing and drybrushing. This was my first time using actual bought wash (got 15 bucks worth of washes from GamesWorkshop) and I planed to test its results on this mini. Thankfully, it turned out well and I learned a lot from using it on his cloak. I used a blue wash that I should have diluted slightly, but after going over it with a drybrush pass, didn't look too bad.


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