Friday, April 18, 2014

Speed Painting Vids

Monique De Noir

I've been doing less and less with this blog, but a few recent speed-painting videos I've posted have spurred me on to doing another post. I finally finished that Monique De Noir mini I had so much trouble with:

- Speed Painting - Monique De Noir -
Deets on the mini, Monique De Noir from Reaper:

Simon Belmont

I also did a Simon Belmont speed painting which was pretty fun.
- Speed Painting a Mini - Simon Belmont -
I play Pathfinder (which is basically a revised 3rd edition of D&D) and I made a Belmont to play as. I bought a mini and painted it to look like Simon Belmont. Hope you enjoy!

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Dark Knight

Then there was a Dark Knight that I used for a campaign like a year ago. Here's the speed paint for that:
- Speed Painting A Miniature -

It's been like seriously a year since I last painted, but I'm going to be playing in a Pathfinder campaign with some buds, so that's perfect motivation to get back in the swing of things with my painting.

This mini is Athak Alt Sculpt, Necropolis Sergeant. Got it from Reaper miniatures. I'll provide a link below if you want.

Sorry about the dead pixel on my camera. This camera is the only one I've got with enough memory to do these long recording sessions.

Here's a link to my miniature painting blog below. Like I said, I haven't been painting for like a year now; as such, no recent posts except maybe one I might do for this model.

The music was composed by me. Don't rip it please ;)

Here's the link to where you can purchase this model if you're interested.

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