Thursday, March 7, 2013

M41 Walker Bulldog Tank Model


Let’s take a break from my customary Warhammer 40k/Reaper minis for a bit. Exit the world of fantasy/sci-fi to enter historical armor, specifically US tanks.

I recently was sucked into all things World War II tanks due to a video game called World of Tanks I’ve been playing. From there, I started looking at other tanks, such as the M41 Walker Bulldog used in the Vietnam War.

I didn’t take a shot of it out of the box, but it was a washed-out olive green color. It is plastic, and it came in unconstructed in about 100 different parts that you have to cut, file down, glue and put together. It’s a model tank from Tamiya. They make quite a selection of old, and current, tank models.

Without getting too long in the tooth, here’s the mid-stage photos…

And here’s the finished model shots…

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